Tub Cast 5000 Bath Tub Refinishing Kit - DIY Roll On Resin Kit

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We are proud to offer our DIY Tub Cast 5000 Roll On Bathtub Refinishing Kit.  

This kit is perfect for refinishing tubs, sinks, one piece tub/surround units, showers, and tile. 


These Kits Include Part A, Part B, and Wipe On Primer.  


We Recommend Our DIY Install Kit For All Prep Materials!


It is is slightly easier to apply than Ekopel, however, it will have an odor to it. 


Tub Cast 5000 is a 2 part aliphatic acrylic urethane. It will out last all the other refinishing kits on the market except Ekopel. 


Our 1 pint kit is enough material to coat a standard bathtub. If you have a tub with surround it is best to get our quart kit.  


  1. To clean and prepare your tub, Simply follow our ekope prep videos.
  2. Apply our wipe on primer to a rag, or lint free cloth and wipe onto the tub surface. 

  3. Wait 20-30 for the wipe on primer to set. It may still be moist this doesn’t effect the bond. 
  4. Mix all of you part A and Part B(if you order a quart kit mix 1 pint at a time. 
  5. Roll Tub Cast 5000 onto your tub. 
  6. Cover roller with a plastic bag
  7. Cover remaining Tub Cast 5000 With a plastic Bag Seperatly From the Roller
  8. Wait 2-4 hours for the first cost to cure. 
  9. Apply Second Coat
  10. Remove Tape
  11. Wait 24 Hour
  12. Enjoy Your New Tub!